Due to the rugged terrain of the area, the people of Alor are quite varied and dis-attached from the rest of Indonesia. Over 50 different languages are spoken throughout the Alor Archipelago, many with Polynesian roots. About 75% of the population is Protestant, with 25% Muslim, Catholic and Animistic. The majority of the population practice subsistence agriculture.

pura fishermanAs the backdrop to some of our dive sites in the strait, we can see small traditional villages built up the sides of the volcano islands. Local people sometimes join us on our dives and we can view and photograph them fishing with their homemade goggles fashioned from wood and glass bottles, hand made spears and traditional bubu-bamboo fishing traps that are unique to Alor.

Bampalola Alor Traditional Mountain Village

In the dis-attached interior of the island lie many traditional Alorese villages accessible only by foot. In Takpala village guests can visit local people who have preserved their traditional lifestyle and culture and join them in the lego-lego dance. Traditional ikat weavings and other handicrafts are for sale in the village.