Indonesia MapThe Alor Archipelago lies in the southeastern section of Indonesia known as East Nusa Tenggara. Alor is approximately 1000km due east of the resort island of Bali and just north of Timor.

Alor Archipelago MapThe Archipelago is made up of multiple islands, with Alor being the largest and containing the only town, Kalabahi. The other large island in the group is Pantar, with small islands Buaya, Ternate, Pura and Kepa located in the Alor/Pantar Strait.

Alami Alor Dive Resort is located just inside Alor’s Kalabahi Bay on the southern side and at the edge of Wolwal Village. This choice of location provides guests with quick access to both muck and coral reef dive sites while still keeping within close proximity to a small local village for those who like a bit of cultural interaction during their visit.