Frequently Asked Questions

For those who still have additional questions after viewing our website, here are some commonly asked questions about Alor, the resort and making a booking:

Where is Alami Alor?

Our resort is located on the island of Alor in the Nusa Tenggara Timor region of Indonesia. We are strategically placed in Kalabahi Bay to have quick and easy access to world-class muck diving sites right in front of our resort and coral reef diving in the adjacent Pantar Strait.

When can I come to the resort?

Visiting Alor is technically possible all year, but weather and sea conditions both topside and underwater are not as reliable in the rainy season months of January and February. This is why we choose to close for our maintenance period at this time. April through December brings a drier climate, improved sea conditions and better visibility on the coral reef dives. Thus Alami Alor is open from late March through December because we feel this is the best overall time to visit the area and dive. Please check our schedule and rates sheet for specific dates each year.

How many nights can I stay at the resort?

The minimum stay at the resort is 5 nights for both divers and non-divers. Most guests choose to stay 7, 10 or 14 nights although any length of stay is completely up to guest preferences. We do offer the 14th night free of charge (pay 13, get the 14th FOC) and from the 15th night onwards diver guests pay a reduced rate.

Once in Alor, how do I get from the airport to the resort?

All airport transfers are arranged by the resort. Upon arrival in Alor, you will be greeted outside the airport by a driver who will transport you 45 minutes by car to the resort.

Transfers to and from the airport are free of charge on Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and charged at USD $60 per car (up to 3 pax) each way for all other days of the week.

I am a single traveller. What are my options for accommodation?

For the first 2 guests traveling alone to the resort that book with us at any given period we do not charge a single occupancy supplement. When a single traveler enquires and we have 2 other single occupancy guests booked into the resort for the same date range, we do unfortunately have to charge a supplement as we are a small boutique resort with only 6 guests bungalows catering to up to 12 divers. The single occupancy fee is USD $100 per night.

What is the local currency and how can I get it?

The local currency is Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). You can get this from a currency exchange at home but it is less common than other currencies so check before you go for availability. It may also be possible to buy IDR from your local International airport or one along your journey.

If you would rather wait until you arrive in Indonesia, after clearing immigration and customs, be sure to visit an ATM at the airport. Having local currency is always helpful for any airport snacks, taxis, etc. you may need. You will find that many places and services in Indonesia are still unable to accept credit cards. ATM withdrawal limits per transaction are usually quite low because of the fact that the largest note in Indonesia is equivalent of USD$7 and the ATM opening is only so big… But don’t worry, the machines allow you to make multiple withdrawal transactions in 1 visit.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of zeros in the currency and it can be confusing. IDR 1,000,000 (yes, 1 million) is roughly equal to USD $65, EURO 75, GBP 50, AUS $95.

Can I pay with credit card at the resort?

Due to our remote location, we are unable to get a credit card machine at this time. We are however now able to take online credit card payments through Paypal. So guests can pay their balance via online credit card payment before arrival, and also can pay any resort extras at the end of their stay. We send an bill with link to your email and you can open and follow the instructions to complete the payment with your credit card while at the resort.

Can I pay with cash at the resort?

If you choose to do so, you can pay the balance of your resort package in cash upon arrival at the resort. At the end of your stay, any incidentals such as non-complimentary beverages can also be paid in cash. We prefer Indonesian Rupiah, because of course it is accepted at local banks. If it is easier for you we can also accept USD, EURO and GBP. If paying in cash USD, please be aware that banks here are very picky and accept from us only bills that are issue 2006 or newer, crisp and unmarked.

What kind of health precautions should I take?

Most travelers usually update their tetanus and hepatitis shots before traveling to a remote region of the world. Malaria is a reality is some parts of Indonesia, but due to the long dry season that Alor experiences, it is less prevalent than in other parts of the country. Consult your doctor for more information, but be sure to tell them that you will be scuba diving as some malaria medications such as Larium are known to have adverse side-effects. If you take prescription medication be sure to bring an adequate supply from home and the paperwork that goes along with it in case of an emergency.

Should I be concerned about Malaria in Alor?

It is a matter of personal choice if you want to take anti-malarial medication. Most guests at Alami Alor take preventative measures in lieu of medications. We recommend wearing insect repellent during dawn and dusk hours or light colored protective clothing when mosquitos are present. The dry season in Alor runs from April through October and during this time it is less likely to encounter mosquitos.

What if I get injured or sick?

Alami Alor is located in a remote area of Indonesia. Although we have emergency oxygen and first aid equipment on site, in the event of a serious situation the nearest recompression chamber and western standard medical facility is in Bali. We ask all guests to take safety precautions both above and underwater and to make sure that you posses travel and dive insurance that is inclusive of emergency evacuation coverage. For divers, we recommend Diver’s Alert Network (DAN) who offer a variety of plans. Be sure to purchase a plan from the region of your permanent residence. For more information, go to the websites below:

DAN Asia
DAN South

Do I need travel insurance?

If your dive insurance does not already include it or you are a non-diver, we highly recommend travel insurance that covers trip cancellation or interruption, travel delay, baggage delay or loss, emergency medical and dental and emergency evacuation. To be a prepared and responsible traveler, it is also advisable to leave a photocopy of the photo and personal information page of your passport and insurance information with your emergency contact at home.

How can I communicate with my family and friends while I am in Alor?

We have telephone signal and provide complimentary wifi access at the resort. SIM cards and pre-paid phone credit are relatively inexpensive in Indonesia. If your cell phone is unlocked and you have the time to purchase an Indonesian SIM card and pre-paid phone credit before arrival at the resort, you can make telephone calls within Indonesia and internationally from your own phone. To access the Internet, please bring your smartphone, iPad or laptop. In the event of an emergency at home, your family can reach us at +62 82165416273 or [email protected].

What is the time zone in Alor?

Alor is located in the Indonesia Central Time Zone, which is GMT+8

What type of electrical outlets do you have?

In Indonesia the electrical outlets are 2-pronged European style with 220v.

What level of service can I expect during my stay?

At Alami Alor, we strive to bring a high level of service that is personalized to our guests in regards to accommodation standard, food standard and diving/activity services. We are located in a remote area of Indonesia, so all western type foods and other goods must be shipped in from Bali or internationally.  The island’s water and power supply can at times be limited. We do our best to conserve fresh water usage during the extended dry season and have a back-up generator in case of a power outage in order to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible.

Part of our mission is for our resort to benefit the local community by not only purchasing supplies from them but also providing job opportunities. Therefor the majority of our staff members come from nearby villages. We are constantly working to teach them English and train them in their job duties, but ask that guests be understanding and realize that this is the first time many of them have ever been to a resort, let alone experienced working in a hospitality environment.

What kind of meals can I expect at the resort?

The resort cuisine theme is variety of Indonesian, tropical and western inspired dishes made with fresh local ingredients. Full breakfast, lunch and dinner are served family style at the communal dining table in the dining room. Afternoon snacks are available in the lounge area and specialty drinks, soft drinks, local beer and wine by the bottle and a limited selection of spirits are available for extra charge.

What are the diving conditions like?

The whole of Indonesia is known for its current, clear water and unique marine life and this is true for Alor. Alor’s muck sites are generally straightforward with no current or current going steadily in one direction or the other. Visibility on muck dives is usually 10-15m/30-50ft. The Pantar Strait is know for its at times whirlwind current, with strength and unpredictability increasing sometimes around the full or new moon. We always take care to plan dives accordingly to dive macro sites with as little current as possible and pelagic sites with just the right touch of current to encounter larger fish but still keep guests’ comfort and experience levels in mind. Visibility in the straight is often excellent and reaching 30-40m/100-132ft. Water temperatures throughout Alor range from 25-29c, however some southern sites in the straight can experience colder water temperatures and thermoclines down to 22c.

How many dives can I do during my stay?

We have packages for both 2 boat dives each day or 3 boat dives each day. Both packages offer unlimited house reef diving, so guests can do a little or as much diving as they like.

What is the typical resort and diving schedule?
Alami Alor Resort & Diving Schedule


What if I do not participate in all of the dives offered or dives are cancelled due to weather?

We provide all-inclusive diving to give you the option to do as much or as little diving as you like without having to worry about extra costs or scheduling preferences during your stay. Any boat or shore dives you choose not to participate in can not be credited towards other days or refunded. In the event of adverse weather or sea conditions, we will do our best to re-schedule and make up cancelled boat dives. If we are unable to do so, please contact your dive or travel insurance upon your return home to make a claim.

What is the Marine Park Entrance Fee?

All divers and snorkelers diving in the Alor Marine Park are required to pay IDR 50,000/day to the local Alorese government. This fee is already included in your diver package.

Funds collected are to go towards future marine park conservation projects. We are currently working with the local government to move forward with these programs and seek involvement from successful outside NGOs specializing in marine conservation.

What proof of diver training and experience do I need to bring with me?

Please email us a copy of or bring your certification card showing your highest level of diver training to the resort. Most certification agencies have a database that they can access, so if you do not have your card, just send your agency an email requesting a copy of your diver training level. In some cases, a detailed logbook will also suffice if you have misplaced your original card and can not get a copy of your training records.

What equipment is recommended for diving in Alor?

We recommend that all divers bring their own equipment to suit their personal fit and comfort. Water temperatures generally average 26C-29C but at times there can be thermoclines as low as 20C on the coral reef dives in the southern part of the straight. Therefor, we recommend a minimum 3mm long wetsuit and boots for exposure protection, but a 5-7mm suit and hood may be ideal for those who chill easily. We use DIN valve aluminum 12L cylinders with inserts to convert to International so there is no need for you to bring your own adapters.

If you do not own or do not wish to travel with your personal gear, we have top of the line rental equipment available at the resort including BCs, regulators, wetsuits, masks, boots, fins, dive computers and dive torches. Please note that it is resort policy that all divers use a dive computer. If you do not bring one with you, you will be required to rent one from us. Because most guests choose to bring their own equipment, our rental stock and sizing is limited. Please let us know 60 days in advance to reserve any items you wish to hire to avoid disappointment.

How do I make a booking?

Please contact us via email at [email protected] to check availability for your desired date range. Please include the number of guests and length of stay that you would be interested in. We will get back to you as soon as we can to confirm what space is open and more details regarding a stay at the resort.

In order to confirm your booking, we ask that all guests make a deposit of 20% package rate plus the cost of any flights we book for you in advance via bank transfer or Paypal. Please see our terms and conditions for all bookings on the downloadable Price List.