Monthly Archives: August 2015


Porcelain Crab

Some really great dives came this month and the ones that stand out most are those that gave us the variety Alor has to offer all in 1 divesite.

Clown Valley – Schools of fusiliers, unicorn fish and sweetlips have been hanging around here lately with a group of GTs occasionally whizzing by in the current.

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muck diving alor wonderpuss

This month was full of variety with beautiful coral reef dives as always and multiple whale encounters. Even though our muck sites usually perform better towards the end of the season(November/December), we had some good luck and managed to find quite a lot of stuff in the Bay. Some of our most memorable dives:

Pertamina Pier – Night Dive

This night dive was full of critters big and small,

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Our second month of guests at the new resort has been quite exciting with the cold water upwelling starting to bring in some of the more seasonal pelagic fish. We had thermoclines on some of the southern sites reaching 14C (with surface water temperature still 27C), which caused the reef fish to school together looking for the warm pockets – which we were happy to share with them!

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