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Nitrox Available Now

Nitrox tanks on our jetty

We are very happy to announce that we added a brand new Nitrox membrane compressor to our dive center. From now on our guests can take full advantage of Enriched Air Nitrox with a gas mix of 32% oxygen for longer and safer dives.

We have Nitrox tanks available in standard “12L” size and a also limited amount of large “15L” cylinders available.

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We are now closed for the short rainy season. There area a lot of updates we will be making to the resort for 2017 including opening up of a 6th bungalow and the additional of another dive boat so that we can cater to 12 divers next season.

Happy Holidays and see you in 2017!

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The end of the season always brings some great things on the muck dives. We have been having particularly good luck at our dive site Lothars’s Place with striated, freckled and Randal’s frogfishes, wonderpuss, and some really special nudibranch such as 3 different types of melibe and a beautiful blue bubble shell micromello!

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This month has seen an explosion of ghost pipefish on the muck sites inside the Kalabahi Bay and also down at Beang Bay. We have spotted many ornate, robust and halimeda ghost pipefish, often in pairs and/or with eggs. The striped tozeuma shrips are also back at Beang Bay and will hopefully stick around for the rest of the season!

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Mola-molas are back!  After a couple months of warm water in Asia, the cold currents have returned from the south and brought in the mola-molas that are normally resident to Alor. We had quite a few sightings after the full and new moons this month! Check out our Facebook page for some guest photos and video.

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JUNE 2016

Alami Alor

A bit of muck exploration at the beginning of this month worked out well as we found a great new diving spot – Barry’s Bay. We have been going back every week to see the great critters found in the shallows there including the paddle flap and weedy rhinopias. Barry’s is also a great spot for seahorses,

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MAY 2016

It has been a great month for the muck again with multiple rhinopias spottings and also many octopus spottings including wonderpus, bluering and mototi. We even found a striated frogfish in kalabahi bay – something we usually only see at end season in south Pantar!

The big stuff did not fail to impress with our usual hammerhead sightings and snorkeling with mola-molas plus 2 marlin sightings and a school of 30+ eagle rays.

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APRIL 2016

Alami Alor

Diving highlights this month included some very small critters and very large fish!

In the muck, we had tons of nudibranch, most notably at Bakalang and Apuri Bay including 4 different sightings of the psychedelic batwing slug. We tracked down a little hairy octopus at Pussy Galore and at Lothar’s Place a pair of ambon scorpionfish that have been moving around through the silt left over from rainy season.

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MARCH 2016

We are now open for the 2016 diving season and have kicked off the first week with some exciting little things and also exciting big things.

We have found so many types of nudis (and a 4mm psychedelic headsheild slug!) with many of them mating, and also have had great luck with a variety of little crabs and shrimps for macro photos.

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