Porcelain Crab

Some really great dives came this month and the ones that stand out most are those that gave us the variety Alor has to offer all in 1 divesite.

Clown Valley – Schools of fusiliers, unicorn fish and sweetlips have been hanging around here lately with a group of GTs occasionally whizzing by in the current. Hairy squat lobsters, porcelain crabs, yellow sea cucumbers, feeding sea apples and some really unique nudis have also been out for show in the valley.


Crucifixion point – This chilly site started off big with a huge green turtle and school of black snapper followed by the leisurely passing by of a thresher shark – nice and close up and slow moving with really great visibility. The second half gave us some great macro, with slender T-bar nudi, girdled glossodoris and chamerlain’s nembrotha, marbled shrimp, and a beautiful solid white halimeda ghost pipefish.

Red Sand Beach and Red Wall – This site has really been performing this month with schools of fusiliers and unicorn fish raining over the wall like a waterfall, giant trevally and napoleon wrasse sightings, and on the volcanic red sand slope a clown frogfish and also a pretty pink painted frogfish, reptilian snake eel, indian walkman, ribbon eels, and some really unique and beautiful nudis.