muck diving alor wonderpuss

This month was full of variety with beautiful coral reef dives as always and multiple whale encounters. Even though our muck sites usually perform better towards the end of the season(November/December), we had some good luck and managed to find quite a lot of stuff in the Bay. Some of our most memorable dives:

Pertamina Pier – Night Dive

This night dive was full of critters big and small, with a bright orange painted frogfish walking along the bottom, a thorny seahorse and tons of banded pipefish, a Spanish dancer, some decorator crabs the size of a fist, microscopic nudis and a big fat stonefish.

Pussy Galore – Named after the James Bond Octopussy character, this site usually delivers just that. The wonderpuss can be found by day and by night we have had regular sightings of a very large starry night octopus. One of our new favorite muck spots, we also have been seeing coleman shrimp, orangutan crabs, slender pipefish and a jet black giant frogfish.

Max’s Point – Our first time to this dive site as we were doing a bit of exploration ended up becoming our most memorable dive so far this year. Upon first decent, we spotted 6 grey reef sharks quickly darting around followed by schools of both pickhandle barracuda and bigeye trevally. Hundreds of unicornfish were fighting the current as we held on to the slope. Once we shallowed back up to 9m, what first appeared to be a large boat cruising over turned out to be a blue whale! It swam effortlessly over our heads into the current, with its huge tail waving goodbye to us as it pulled away. A once in a lifetime experience that had all the divers screaming and dancing with excitement underwater.