Alami Alor Weedy Rhinopia

This month has been our best of 2015 for muck. With many guests interested in macro, we have spent some time exploring new spots in Kalabahi Bay and also taking a few special day trips to Beang Bay in south Pantar.

Our visits to Beang were the highlight with so many varied sightings it is impossible to list them all! Blue ring, coconut and mototi octopus, wonderpus, juvinille rhinopias, warty, ocelate, painted and hairy frogfish (from as little as 1 cm up to 15 cm in size!), tozeuma shrimp, decorator crabs, dozens of nudis, flatworms and headsheild slugs, waspfish, walkmans, and so much more!

We are looking forward to heading back next year early in the diving season to see what is there next time.