APRIL 2016

Alami Alor

Diving highlights this month included some very small critters and very large fish!

In the muck, we had tons of nudibranch, most notably at Bakalang and Apuri Bay including 4 different sightings of the psychedelic batwing slug. We tracked down a little hairy octopus at Pussy Galore and at Lothar’s Place a pair of ambon scorpionfish that have been moving around through the silt left over from rainy season.

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MARCH 2016

We are now open for the 2016 diving season and have kicked off the first week with some exciting little things and also exciting big things.

We have found so many types of nudis (and a 4mm psychedelic headsheild slug!) with many of them mating, and also have had great luck with a variety of little crabs and shrimps for macro photos.

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Porcelain Crab

Some really great dives came this month and the ones that stand out most are those that gave us the variety Alor has to offer all in 1 divesite.

Clown Valley – Schools of fusiliers, unicorn fish and sweetlips have been hanging around here lately with a group of GTs occasionally whizzing by in the current.

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muck diving alor wonderpuss

This month was full of variety with beautiful coral reef dives as always and multiple whale encounters. Even though our muck sites usually perform better towards the end of the season(November/December), we had some good luck and managed to find quite a lot of stuff in the Bay. Some of our most memorable dives:

Pertamina Pier – Night Dive

This night dive was full of critters big and small,

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