Scuba Diving Facilities


The Dive Center at Alami Alor houses both an equipment room with individual guest equipment lockers and terrace with a dive scheduling board. The front terrace is where guests will meet their guide before dives and view marine-life identification books and complete log books upon return. Access to the water for boat dives and house reef dives is done via the dive center’s jetty.

Alami Alor Jetty


Dive Gear

We recommend that all divers bring their own equipment to suit their personal fit and comfort. If you do not own or do not wish to travel with your own gear, rental equipment is available at the resort including BCs, regulators, wetsuits, masks, boots, fins, dive computers and dive torches. Because most guests choose to bring their own equipment, our rental stock and sizing is limited. Please let us know 60 days in advance to reserve any items you wish to hire to avoid disappointment.

Exposure Protection

Water temperatures in the bay average 26 °C – 28 °C but at times there can be thermoclines as low as 20 °C on the coral reef dives in the southern section of the straight. Therefor, we recommend a minimum 3mm long wetsuit and boots for exposure protection, but a 5-7mm suit and hood may be more ideal for those who chill easily.

Cylinders, Air & Nitrox

We use DIN valve aluminum 12L cylinders with inserts to convert to International (yoke) so there is no need for you to bring your own adapters. Furthermore we have Nitrox 32% tanks available in standard 12L size and a limited amount of 15L Nitrox tanks (please reserve in advance).


Housed in the dive center is an air-conditioned camera room. Inside the camera room you can use a personal workbench for setting up and disassembling cameras, charging batteries and storing camera equipment in-between dives and overnight. Out front we have a station where guests can rinse, soak and blow dry their camera housings.


Dive trips are made from 2 fiberglass speedboats with 4 stroke engines that were purpose built for scuba diving. One of the boats is designed to carry maximum 8 guest dives with 2 guides, and the other maximum 6 guest divers with 2 guides. Both boats are fully equipped with drinking water, towels, first aid and oxygen, spare parts, tool kit, binoculars and communication devices. On 2 tank trips, tea and cakes or cookies are served during surface interval.