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Alami Alor Dive Resort is a boutique dive and stay resort on the remote Indonesian island of Alor. Catering to a maximum of 12 scuba divers or snorkelers, we host you in an intimate setting where we can get to know each guest on a personal level, enjoy authentic family style Indonesian meals together and cater our scuba diving and snorkeling service specifically to you.

The resort offers up to 3 guided boat dives per day to our world class coral reef & black sand muck diving sites, plus complimentary day and night dives on our easily accessed house reef. 

Underwater photographers will be well taken care of with our on-site camera room and Photo-Pro. You can improve and learn new UW photography skills by participating in our photo workshops that are catered specifically to you.

Re-Opening Mid-September 2020

After months of temporary closure due to travel restrictions and our safety concerns related to coronavirus, we are happy to announce that Alami Alor will re-opened for guests starting from mid-September. For those currently inside Indonesia, travel to Alor is now possible. 

For those not already in Indonesia, our government has yet to confirm the exact date that it will again begin to issue tourist VISAs, but we will continue to provide updates here. Please contact us with any questions about existing or new reservations, or about travel to Alor.

We are accepting reservations for 2020 & 2021:

2020 Season

14 March - 27 December

2021 Season

20 March - 27 December


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