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About Alami

Alami Alor Dive Resort is located in Alor Island’s Kalabahi Bay and was designed with avid marine life lovers in mind. Our goal was to create a small and personal dive & snorkel resort in an area with exceptional diversity and beauty in the marine environment while having that “off the beaten path” and authentic Indonesian feeling.

The resort is focused not only on hosting scuba divers, but also specializes in hosting adventurous snorkelers and marine life photographers. After 5 seasons we have built up a great team of 30 local staff, an experienced management team, and founded the Alor Photo Academy with our on-site Photo Pro.

The Alami Story- Behind The Scenes -

Nov. 2013
Nov. 2013

Groundbreaking | Alami Alor

During our time working in the dive industry in other and more well known parts of Indonesia we used to visit Alor for holiday. We were seeking out an off the beaten path location to spend our break time relaxing and diving in a place that felt was unique and unspoilt. We kept returning to Alor.  Once we decided to create our own dive & stay resort, Alor was naturally top of our list. For us, Alor always had that great at home feeling as the local people were so welcoming and friendly, the landscape unique and wild, plus the reefs and muck diving absolutely amazing and diverse. After the year of scouting and obtaining land for our new resort location we moved on to site and broke ground to start building Alami Alor Dive Resort.

Apr. 2015
Apr. 2015

Grand Opening | Alami Alor

The original 8 guest /4 room resort was ready to open just in time for the annual diving season in 2015. We welcomed our first guests and had a great year making new relationships with those who visited our resort and our agent partners.

We also spent extensive time further exploring in search of new diving and snorkeling sites, and continuing to learn more about the local environment.

Dec. 2016
Dec. 2016

Resort Expansion | Alami Alor

After the success of our first 2 seasons and increase in demand, we expanded the resort by adding just a few more guest bungalows and adding an additional dive boat.

Keeping to the original idea of a small boutique resort, Alami now offers 7 waterfront bungalows to our guests who can visit us as individuals or in groups and still receive that personalized service that we are known for.

Mar. 2020
Mar. 2020

Alami Photo Academy

True to Alami’s dedication to marine life photographers, we have launched the Alami Photo Academy where our diving & snorkeling guests with photography interests can participate in private or group coaching or workshops. They can learn or expand their existing knowledge about camera equipment, how to improve general underwater photography skills, and specialized techniques for macro and wide angle photography, all taught by our on-site Photo Pro.

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