Alor Photo Academy

Every photographer has a unique camera set up, different skill level and individual interests. That‘s why we believe there is no one class that simply works for all.

Luckily, Alami is a small and personal resort which means we can 100% focus on you! To ensure this, all workshops start with an initial evaluation together with our photo pro.

Customized To Your Needs & Goals- Every workshop is one-on-one so that we can focus on your individual setup, experience & wishes -

Your Setup

What system are you shooting with? How familiar are you with your camera & accessories? What new gadgets would you like to try (i.e. strobe, video light or snoot)

Your Skills

What’s your current skill level? Techniques you frequently use/have difficulties with? What do you want to work on specifically/techniques you want to master?

Your Passion

What’s your passion - macro or wide angle - both? Or much more specific: nudibranchs, reefscapes, divers, fish portraits, sunballs? The focus will be on your exact preferences.

Create Your Own Custom Workshop- After establishing what exactly suits your needs, we will find the perfect topics for you -

Olympus Digital Camera

Macro Photography

Magnify the smallest of marine life

Wide-Angle Photography

Capture sweeping underwater vistas
Olympus Digital Camera

Orang Bubu

The Local Fishermen Of Alor
Sunball Reefscape Max Holba

Sunballs & Reefscapes

Discover shooting with the sun in the frame
Olympus Digital Camera

Snoot & Backlighting

Advanced Lighting For Macro Photography
Long Exposure Shot of Sponges

Long Exposure Shots

Getting artsy with spins, creating colorful blurs
Mola Mola Sunfish under Alami Alor Speed Boat - Michael Rechberger

Snorkel Photography

Take stunning images of our reefs from above
Diver looking at hard coral

Diving Models

Take home stunning images of your dive buddy.
Understanding Light - Alor Photo Academy - Max Holba

Understanding Light

Make best use of all available light sources

Our Teaching Approach​

In any workshop a specific topic/technique is covered and learned/improved. However, the exact content is adjusted to your gear, skill level and interests! This is how we guarantee a customized learning experience with our photo pro.

Scuba Diving Workshops

Snorkeling Workshops

Dive, Shoot & Learn Together- Plans, procedures, packages & prices -

  • Two Dives With Photo Pro

    Our photo pro will join you for two morning dives of your package and assist you underwater. Working as a team you will be able to learn and master chosen technique/topic.

  • Briefing & Debriefing

    Before/after the dives there will be a briefing/debriefing; discuss with our photo pro how to use or improve a certain technique and how to get the shot you want.

  • Post-Processing

    During the debriefing our photo pro will review your shots with you and see what can be improved even further using post-processing software.

  • Digital Material

    Receive fact sheets in digital form customized for you. On your next diving trip you can look up settings, strobe positions, etc. and you‘ll be ready to shoot.

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