Alami Alor is a small and intimate dive resort specializing in providing a personalized service to our guests not just in regards to diving but also hospitality. The resort grounds are well preserved and full of tropical trees, plants and flowers.

The fauna provides a shaded and breezy home base in a waterfront forest environment. Communal areas are decorated with local artifacts to add a cultural dimension to guests’ tropical diving holiday.

Accommodation- Great Comfort within pure nature -

Guest accommodation is provided in spacious and private bungalows, with 6 free standing bungalows dotted along the waterfront and 1 garden room set back in the forested area. All guest rooms have an air-conditioned bedroom plus ceiling fan, wardrobe & computer desk, an open-air bathroom with hot water rain shower and an outdoor seating area.


  • Bedrooms set up with 1 or 2 beds

  • Air Conditioning & Ceiling Fan

  • Free Laundry

Dining & Lounge- Full board in family style atmosphere -

Resort packages include full board meals which are served in our dining room at a communal table. This serves as an interactive setting where you will be brought together with other guests and the resort hosts during social times and meals. Breakfast is an a la carte choice of western or Indonesian options.

Lunch and dinner are served a set times and feature home style Indonesian & tropical themed menus using recipes from thought Indonesia and prepared by our local chefs. Although we plan set family style menus served at set times, we can easily cater to vegetarian, vegan and other dietary requirements.

Restaurant & Lounge at Alami Alor Dive Resort
Restaurant with sun lounge
Alami Alor Restaurant Tuna Filet Mango Salsa

Sample Menu- Our Indonesian Cuisine -

  • Ikan Pepes

    Fresh fish of the day marinated lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf and local spices, wrapped in banana leaf, then grilled over coals. Served with turmeric rice, vegetable spring rolls, and a water spinach, tomato and peanut salad with soy vinaigrette.

  • Rendang Sapi

    Traditional Indonesian beef stew slow cooked in coconut milk with cinnamon, cloves, ginger and chilis. Served with nutmeg potato cakes, water spinach with papaya flower stir-fry, tofu tossed in a homemade tomato and spring onion sauce, and jasmine rice.

  • Udang Rica-Rica

    Prawn skewers rubbed with a ginger-chili paste and chargrilled. Served with pumpkin curry, cucumber tomato and Asian lemon-basil salad, and jasmine rice.

  • Ayam Pandan

    Chicken stir-fried with shallot, galangal and local pandan leaf, then boiled in coconut milk. Served with a vegetable stir-fry of snake bean, mung bean sprouts and carrot, grilled aubergine, and coconut rice.

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