Alami Alor Flight Routes

Although a remote and relatively undeveloped area of Indonesia, access to Alor is actually quite simple these days. Our pre-scheduled arrival dates make for the quickest and easiest flight connections from the international hubs of Denpasar Bali, Jakarta, Surabaya and Makassar, with all flights connecting through Kupang, Timor. Alor is also linked via Kupang to many other domestic diving and holiday destinations throughout Indonesia. We are happy to assist you with booking your domestic flights, just let us know if you would like us to do so.

Upon arrival in Alor in the mid afternoon, you will be greeted at the airport and transferred by car to the resort.  You can then unpack and relax before your resort and diving orientation followed by dinner in the restaurant.

Travel FAQs

There are many things to consider before your departure, but overall the trip is almost as simple as showing up at Alor airport, transferring to the resort and then enjoying amazing diving. Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding travel from your home to us:

Do I need a VISA to enter Indonesia?

Visitors to Indonesia from many countries now receive a free VISA-on –Arrival when entering through 5 different ports in Indonesia, including DPS (Bali International Airport) and CGK (Jakarta International Airport.) Please note that if you enter with the Free VISA, you must exit at the same port – no exceptions.

If you plan to enter and exit at different ports, or you hold a passport from a country not on the Free list, you must purchase a Visa-on-Arrival for USD $35. This can be done upon entry before immigration.

How long can I stay in Indonesia?

The standard VISA-on-Arrival allows you 30 days in the country. If you are planning to stay longer and explore Indonesia, this VISA can be easily extended for an additional 30 days through a VISA agent or immigration office in many cities throughout the country. Let us know if you will be spending some extra time exploring the area. We have been almost everywhere in Indonesia and are happy to make suggestions or give you tips.

How do I get to Alor?

You can travel to Alor via the international hubs of Bali (DPS), Jakarta(CGK) or Surabaya (SUB) and should arrive to one of these cities 1 day before your package begins. Alternatively, you can arrive earlier than this if you want to spend a day or two recovering from jet lag before your travel to Alor or plan a multi-stop Indonesian holiday.

For domestic flights, it is now possible to book online with a non-Indonesia credit card in some cases. We are happy, however, to assist with the booking of your domestic flights to and from the resort through our local agent. We will forward an e-ticket to you via email 30 days before your scheduled arrival.

Below is a list of the more popular airlines servicing Indonesia and once inside the country, Alor. Please let us know if you are traveling from or to a location not listed below and we can help to suggest an alternate route.


From the Western US:

  • Singapore Airlines
  • Cathay Pacific (via Hong Kong)
  • China Airlines (via Taipei)
  • Delta (via Sydney)
  • Garuda Indonesia (codeshare with China Airlines)
  • Qatar Airways (via Doha and Singapore)

From the Eastern US:

  • Cathay Pacific (via LAX or SFO and Hong Kong)
  • China Airlines (via LAX or SFO and Taipei)
  • Delta (via Sydney)
  • Garuda Indonesia (codeshare China Airlines)
  • Qatar Airways (via Doha and Singapore)

From the UK:

  • Garuda Indonesia (Codeshare Etihad Airways from MAN, direct to Jakarta from LGK)
  • Qatar Airways (Via Doha)
  • Emirates (Via Dubai)
  • Singapore Airlines (Via Singapore)
  • Thai Airways (Via Bangkok)

From Europe:

  • Qatar Airways (Via Doha)
  • Emirates (Via Dubai)
  • Singapore Airlines (Via Singapore)
  • Thai Airways (Via Bangkok)


  • Garuda Indonesia (connecting from Bali, Jakarta, Surabaya, Labuan Bajo and Makassar to Kupang)
  • Wings Air (connecting Kupang to Alor)
  • Transnusa (connecting Kupang to Alor)
  • Please note domestic schedules can change each year, so please contact us for the most up to date information

What do I do if one of my flights are delayed or cancelled?

Fortunately, international delays and cancellations are less common these days and due to the usual required overnight stop in Jakarta or Bali you should still be able to easily make your next day connection to Alor.

In the event that a domestic leg is cancelled or missed, we will assist the best we can in making the necessary arrangements. Please contact us as soon as possible by telephone or email so we can make the necessary arrangements as quickly as possible. In this event guests may be charged for any additional flights to be booked and/or non-scheduled hotel and transportation required. We suggest guests claim this back from their travel insurance.

Where should I stay if I have to spend a night in Bali or Jakarta?


If your stay in Bali is merely for overnight transit, we recommend staying near the airport. Jimbaran or Kuta are the closest areas to the airport that offer a wide choice of hotels and restaurants. There is also a Novotel inside the airport that is very convenient if you do not plan to visit Bali but are just using it for overnight transit. For those wishing to stay in Bali for a day or two while recovering from jet lag, Ulawatu is a great place to enjoy white sand beaches with smaller crowds and Seminyak is quite popular for its shopping and restaurants. To soak up a bit of Balinese culture, try a couple days in Ubud. It is very easy to book hotels or villas in any of these areas via search engines on the Internet.


For stays in Jakarta we highly recommend staying close to the airport to avoid the infamous traffic. The most popular airport hotel is FM7 and it is reachable by airport shuttle.

What happens when I arrive in Alor?

Upon your arrival in Alor, we will have a driver waiting outside the airport who will (hopefully) have a sign that reads ALAMI ALOR. If there is any confusion, just tell any of the drivers waiting outside that you are going to “ALAMI” and they will help to point you to your driver. He will transfer you by car approximately 1 hour to the resort.