Scuba Diving

Scuba diving in Alor will give you the chance to experience multiple types of tropical diving in one location and without crowds. The diversity of our underwater sites is tremendous with a wide range of coral walls and slopes, fields of anemones and volcanic cliffs and caves. Inside the Kalabahi Bay a variety of black and white slopes make for macro muck diving sites that are interesting to both curious underwater explorers and photographers. Our local guides and photo-pro will lead you on underwater tours to get the most out of your visit and personal marine life interests.
Surface intervals can be equally exciting with the chance to encounter multiple species of dolphins, whales or snorkel with a mola-mola. Bottle nose, spinner and frasier dolphins are spotted weekly and at times joined by large pods of melon-headed whales. Blue whales can be spotted randomly at any time, with their numbers and frequency increasing during seasonal migrations . With the correct timing in the moon cycle and a bit of luck, our boat crew will take you between or after dives to have a look for mola-mola who have been brought to the surface in a cool water upwelling.

The Diverse Diving of Alor- From Rhinopias to Hammerheads - Find it in Alor -

Coral Reef Diving

See a variety of unspoilt seascapes with some of the most healthy and colorful tropical reefs on earth

Muck Diving

Go on an underwater treasure hunt for some of the Coral Triangle’s most interesting and bizarre critters

House Reef

Just off our pier you can already find amazing underwater creatures including our resident mandarinfish

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Alor Dive Sites- Explore Our Diving Locations -

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