Scuba Diving Service

Alor Coral Reef

Diving Packages

Package A – Build Your Own Package

This package is your best choice if you only need accommodation without diving, stay shorter than 7 nights or want to build your own flexible holiday package. The minimum stay for this package is 4 nights. You can flexibly add 2 tank morning boat trips, 1 tank afternoon boat trips, 1 tank night boat trips or house reef dives (guided or unguided). Please check our Rates & Reservations page for more details.

Package B – Basic Diver Package (2 guided boat dives / diving day)

This package includes morning boat diving with flexible afternoons. Enjoy 2 guided dives in the morning visiting 2 dive sites before returning to the resort for lunch. Guests then have the afternoon to relax or make additional unguided dives from the house reef free of charge. You can also add afternoon or night boat trips (check here under Package A for the prices of extra boat dives).

Package C – Complete Diver Package (3 guided boat dives / diving day)

This package is the best value and is ideal for divers who wish to have the flexibility and choice to participate in any or all of the scheduled boat dives offered at the resort. It includes 2 morning boat dives and either 1 afternoon boat dive or night boat dive. The package comes with unlimited unguided house reef diving.

Armina sp. nudibranch
Yellow Leaf Scorpionfish Photo by Kevin Richter (@oceandiveloper)

Get the most out of your package

Most guests choose to stay for 7 nights or more. For those staying 14 nights, we offer a “Pay 13, Stay 14” so that your last night is free of charge!

We realize that many divers prefer to not dive on their last full day at the resort. For that we have priced the packages accordingly so that guests are not charged for the last day of diving. We will always ask once you have arrived at the resort what your personal preference is and if you wish to dive that last day, it is no problem. You can participate in the last day’s boat dives free of charge.

Diving Organization

Guided boat dives are scheduled by the resort based on current tidal / weather conditions and guest preferences. The first boat trip of the day departs at 8:00am just after breakfast. This is a 2 tank trip often to 2 coral reef sites in the Pantar Strait. At times, a coral reef dive may be followed by a muck dive in the Strait or in the Kalabahi Bay. Surface interval is on the boat with drinking water, hot tea and home made cake or cookies. The boat returns to the resort between 12:00 – 13:00 for lunch. The second boat trip of the day departs at 14:30 normally for an afternoon muck dive, or at 17:30 for a night muck dive in the Kalabahi Bay.

Scheduling and dive site selection of boat dives is based mostly on environmental conditions including tides and currents, but also on guest preferences. We aim to do a mixture of muck and coral reef sites to give guests the most diverse diving experience that Alor has to offer. Although we always dive within recreational limits, the topography of most sites allows us to make long dives by spending extended time in the shallows, which offer rich marine life. Therefor dive times are usually limited only by your personal air consumption.

Diving Safety

Diving safety is of utmost importance to us. Due to our remote location, we stress that all divers use safe diving practices and dive within the limits of their training and experience. Although we allow long dive times, we ask divers to follow dive profiles that will not require decompression stops. In addition, we require that all divers use a dive computer and carry a SMB. If you do not own a dive computer, you can rent one at the resort. Again, please book any rental equipment in advance so that we can be sure to have ample stock. SMBs are provided to all divers who do not have their own free of charge.

Diving in Alor it is not uncommon to experience strong currents. Most dives are planned according to the tides and currents that make for the easiest and safest diving conditions at a particular site. Some coral reef sites, however, are more ideally dived in a medium to strong current because this is where we have a chance to see some of the pelagic fish that pass through the straight. Upon arrival at the resort we will brief you on the special safety procedures we use when diving in a current. During each dive, the boat crew will supervise us from the dive site mooring or from a safe distance while drifting, following our bubbles and watching out for SMBs.

Dive insurance including evacuation coverage is highly encouraged. Although there is a hospital in the nearby town, it is very basic and as far as dealing with diving related emergencies, the staff is trained only in oxygen administration. In the event of a diving or other medical emergency the nearest recompression chamber and western standard medical facilities are in Bali. If you do not already have dive insurance, we recommend the Diver’s Alert Network (DAN).

Giant Frogfish - Photo by Kevin Richter (@oceandiveloper)
Dragon ShrimpGiant Frogfish - Photo by Kevin Richter (@oceandiveloper)

Environmental Responsibility

All divers and snorkelers diving in the Alor Marine Park are required to pay IDR 35,000/day ($3) to the local Alorese government. This fee is already included in your diver package. Funds collected are to go towards future marine park conservation projects.

Guests are encouraged to respect the marine environment and take all measures possible to use controlled buoyancy when diving, maintain spatial awareness when taking underwater photos and placing reef sticks or hooks carefully when diving in a current so as to not touch or break off corals or disturb bottom dwelling animals that may not be so obvious.

We remind all guests that it is prohibited to collect any shells, corals or other animals/items from the sea or coastline.