House Reef

The house reef enables explorers to go on their own adventures. It also caters to underwater photographers who want to take their time to get the perfect shot. And the best thing is that it just takes a small leap from the swimming platform of our jetty and you are already in the middle of the action.

After your descent you will already be surrounded by vivid underwater life. At only 5 metres depth you can encounter colourful mandarin fishes, cardinal fishes, hunting trumpet fishes, lobsters, stone fishes or shy marble shrimp within the volcanic rocks, sea urchins and soft corals. And that’s just the beginning.

Highlights- Not Just Another House Reef -

House Reef Diving- For Explorers and Underwater Photographers -

We always encourage our guests to try the Alami Alor house reef because we love it so much ourselves. How does it work? You just tell us when you want to dive and go on your adventures. Our crew will prepare your equipment and help you into your gear. They also assist during entry and exit on our swimming platform.

For your first dive on the house reef, your guide will give you an orientation and accompany you underwater for a tour. After that, you are free to dive on your own without a guide. During your house reef dives a member of our crew will supervise you from the surface and is ready to help if you need anything. House reef diving doesn’t get much easier than that.

Alami Alor Jetty House Reef Diver

House Reef Gallery- The Ideal Dive Site For UW Photographers -

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