Muck Diving

Alor is emerging on the world scene as a top muck diving destination. Muck diving sites are typically on black sand and volcanic rock slopes which are plentiful inside the Kalabahi Bay located 2-15 minutes from the resort by speedboat. These sites are famous to at first appear quite plain and devoid of corals and swimming fishes, but on second look be full of some of the planet’s most fascinating and bizarre bottom dwelling creatures. Muck diving is like an exciting underwater treasure hunt and is a macro photographer’s dream.

In addition to Kalabahi Bay, a few black sand sites exist in the central Pantar Strait on both Pura Island and Pantar approximately 15-20 minutes by speedboat. Located in south Pantar is Beang Bay, which serious muck diving fans should be sure not to miss. Beang can be done upon request when conditions are right. The bay is approximately 1 hour by speedboat from the resort.


Ghost town is named for the amazing amount of ghost pipefish that can be spotted in the right season. It is always a great site with rhinopias, frogfish, snake eels, lots of nice shrimps and crabs plus the occasional bluering or mototi octopus.

Barry’s is one of our latest discoveries and has quickly become one of our go-to muck diving sites. Rhinopias, ghost pipefish and ambon scorpionfish can be found here, plus thorny and common seahorses all throughout the shallows.

27. PERTAMINA PIER, Kalabahi Bay, Alor
This muck dive is located under the fuel depot pier with black sand under the pillars and a rocky slope to the side. The central pier section can be good for an assortment of seahorses and pipefish plus coleman shrimp, zebra crabs or brook’s urchin shrimp in the numerous fire urchins. Mandarin fish can usually be spotted in the rocky slope along with ghost pipefish and frogfish.

This is one of our favorite places to go on the hunt for rhinopias. Paddle flap, weedy and lacy have all been spotted here at some point. This black sand with coral slope is also home to indian walkman and many types of nudibranch, shrimps and crabs.

32. HOT ROCKS, Beang Bay, South Pantar
Possibly our favorite muck dive in the Alor Archipelago, hot rocks is ever changing but never fails to entertain us. We have seen juvenile rhinopias, many species of frogfish including painted, warty, freckled, ocelated, striated and hispid (we have had 7 hairy frogfish on 1 dive!), also rare nudis and headsheild slugs, seahorses, snake eels and more.

31. NUDI BEACH, Beang Bay, South Pantar
Nudi Beach is a gem for lovers of nudibranchs and sea slugs right under the pier of the Beang Bay. The black sandy area around the pier is excellent for finding macro critters like orangutan crabs, cowries, tozeuma (sawblade) shrimps, juvenile frogfish and more. The pier itself is home to a variety of different nudibranchs and slugs you can find in the sand and on the pillars of the pier. The beauty of this dive site is that it’s ever-changing and we regularly find nudibranchs we’ve never seen before.

Alami Alor Dive Sites map
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